Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

I left my home this morning at 4:55a.m.  If that wasn't punishment enough, I was on my way to the gym (insert groan here).  Still, that wasn't the worst part.  As I drove by the bank on my way, I noticed the flashing billboard reminding me that I was awake at a time that I didn't know existed with an A and an M behind it.  Still, it got worse.  4 degrees.  I mean really, can that even be considered a temperature?

After my obscene workout at an obscene time of day, I finally made it to work and was sorting through some pictures when I ran across this torture:

These are my fabulous friends wasting the day away last March in the Mexican Riviera.  I couldn't bear to experience my pain alone so I sent them all  a copy.  The subject line said,  "What are you doing today?"  The body of the message read:  "Whatever it is, it's not this." 

The worst part is....there is no trip planned for this year.  Twist my arm guys....twist my arm!


The Taylor's said...

Last night it was -7 here. Bring on Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Man, that picture really set me to daydreaming when you sent it along. The chillier this air gets, the more I want to sit on a deck & do absolutely nothing!