Friday, April 22, 2011


Bryce and I have taken two fabulous vacations this year.   The first was in October.  We went to Dallas and stayed in the Gaylord Texan.  If you ever get a chance to stay in a Gaylord hotel anywhere, I highly recommend it.  My mom and I stayed in the Nashville Gaylord and loved it and Bryce and I loved the Gaylord Texan just as much.  While we were there we went to the JFK museum.  I loved it.  But of course the reason for being there was to attend a Dallas Cowboys game in the new stadium.  This was the game that Tony Romo hurt his shoulder.  They lost, again.  Bryce is beginning to think I am bad luck.  Every time he takes me to Texas, the Cowboys lose. 

While we were there we went to an autograph signing and I got to meet one of my favorite players, Tashard Choice. 

Our second vacation was equally as fabulous.  We went on a Caribbean cruise with our friend Jeff.  It was the funnest vacation we have ever been on.  A lot of times when we cruise we play really hard.  We have zip lined, parasailed, jet skied, etc.  This time we moved from one beach to the next. 

We started with two days in Florida and went to Miami Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Beach.  The third and fourth day we were on the boat and layed by the the pool.  The fifth day the boat docked in the Bahamas at Princess Cays.  We had been there before and didn't like it so we stayed on the boat and had the pool all to ourselves.  The sixth day we were in St. Marteen and went to Sunset Beach (my favorite) and also went to Orient Beach.  My mom had warned us about Orient Beach which is a nude beach at one end.  I wish we would have listened to her.  YUCK!  The following day we docked at St. Thomas and we caught the ferry to St. Johns and went to Cinnamon Bay.  The final stop was Grand Turk.  The island isn't much to write home about.  We rented a golf cart and rode it around all day and never stopped laughing.  The water at Grand Turk though was amazing.  I have seen some fabulous water but this was the most crystal clear water I have ever seen.  Loved it!  The final day we spent on the boat again. 

Jeff has most of the pictures on his camera which I will post later.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin'

Dance season is just about coming to an end and although it is a ton of fun, I am really glad to get a break for a while.  Miss Payton loves it. I don't know if she necessarily loves the actually dance part as much as she loves the costumes and makeup.  Either way, we have a bunch of fun.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Sixteen GLORIOUS days off work.  I love the holidays, especially once I am done with work.  This year is extra special because Bryce is able to take the week before Christmas off as well.  Don't think we're sitting around doing nothing though.  Okay, Bryce has been in the basement all day because BYU played in a bowl game and now BYU basketball is playing.  But I, however, have been busy today. 

First, I took Payton to her Christmas party at her dance studio. 

Then I came home and ran the kids to the junior high so they could go sledding:
Next, it was time to build a snowman in the front yard:
I wanted someplace cute to put all my Christmas cards.  I told Bryce that a friend of ours tapes hers to a door in her home.  He said, "Our door is metal.  Why don't you use magnets?"  Of course I couldn't just use any magnets so I went to Gracie Lou's and bought some super cute buttons and now our front door is the official showcase of all your fabulous Christmas cards.  Keep 'em coming!
We just finished making some caramel corn for some of our friends and neighbors:

and whenever I can get Bryce out of the basement we are going to Tucanos for dinner to celebrate Bryce and Jeff's birthdays.  No, you didn't miss Bryce's birthday.  He and Jeff signed up for birthdays at Tucanos in December and June so we could all go together and use the "buy one get one free" certificates.  Don't worry, I'm still honest.  Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Payton's 1/2 Birthday

Today I'm thinking about how fast my little Payton is growing up.  It is her "half" birthday today.  The reason I know that is because she gets to be the V.I.P. in her class today.  She got to bring a poster, treats for her class, her favorite toy, and her favorite book.  She has been so excited.  Today as we were walking to her class I said, "Are you so excited to be the VIP today?"  She said, "Mom, I think you are way more excited about it than I am."  Seriously??? Where did she learn to talk like that?  4 1/2 years old....where in the world did that time go?

I feel really blessed that Payton is at the preschool/daycare at my high school.  It is the most fabulous program and I love it when I get to see her.  The other day I was grading some papers in my classroom at the end of the day and I heard a whole bunch of racket coming through the hallways.  Her class was playing "marching band" and they were visiting all the teacher-moms at the school.  I can run down and talk to her, hug on her or just say hi anytime I want.  It has been awesome.

Last week one of my yearbook photographers was taking pictures of the child development class and she took this picture for me.  She said, "I just couldn't help it.  Payton looked so cute!"  I agree....what a cute kid.

Here are 4 1/2  things I love about Payton:
1.  She makes me smile every single day.
2.  She is SUCH a girl.  She loves dance, gymnastics, haircuts, painting toes and fingers, etc.
3.  She is super smart and a little bit of a smart aleck which I have to admit I love.
4.  She is so sweet.  She acts like a big sister to the kids in her preschool.
1/2.  Every time Bryce and I hug or kiss each other she says, "Wouldn't it be better if I joined?"

I am so glad every single day that my Heavenly Father decided to send me this happy little surprise!

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Bryce and I decided to go on a date on Saturday.  Payton had to be at a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's at noon.  So we took her to the party and had lunch at Zupas (I'm an addict). After lunch we decided to do some a little bit of Christmas shopping.  We were on such a roll that we had Corbin come pick Payton up and were able to FINISH (that's right folks, I said finish) our shopping.  I am thrilled.  I am so looking forward to enjoying the holidays without having to shop in the snow and cold.  Here's something else I'm really looking forward to, courtesy of my fabulous husband:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

12 Years Ago Today...

Twelve years ago today my life changed forever when I became a mom.  Cameron and I have been through a lot together and I couldn't ask for a better kid.  Here are 12 interesting things you may not know about Cameron:
 1.  Even though we have lived in Utah most of his life, he still claims Idaho as home (love that!)
 2.  He LOVES friends.  He is the most social person I know.
  3.  He does really well in school and gets fabulous grades.
 4.  He is the best big brother in the world.  Payton adores him.
 5.  He plays basketball and football.
 6.  He is a Green Bay Packer fan but also likes the Cowboys.
 7.  His favorite food is Shephard's pie.
 8.  His favorite color is green.
 9.  He is super excited to be out of primary and pass the sacrament.
10. He loves swimming and spends hours at the pool each summer.
11. He  likes fabulous clothes, especially shoes and belts.
12. He is kind and soft hearted, two things I love most about him.

Happy Birthday Cameron.  We love you and are glad that you are part of our family.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Save a Life, Become a Donor

I realize that I have not updated this in a really long time but I finally have something really important to share.  Most of you are aware that my sweet little nephew Vince was born with kidney damage.  You can see a lot of his story at "Our Priceless Moments."  His mom was going to give him one of her kidneys and we recently found out that he has an antibody that will most likely cause him to reject her kidney.  His aunt Shelli was tested and they found the same antibody. 

Vince needs someone to be his hero.  They are looking for a donor between the ages of 18-35 with a blood type of A or O.  The donor needs to be under 5'7" and have a body mass index under 30.  If you fit this description and would like more information, please contact me.