Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Sixteen GLORIOUS days off work.  I love the holidays, especially once I am done with work.  This year is extra special because Bryce is able to take the week before Christmas off as well.  Don't think we're sitting around doing nothing though.  Okay, Bryce has been in the basement all day because BYU played in a bowl game and now BYU basketball is playing.  But I, however, have been busy today. 

First, I took Payton to her Christmas party at her dance studio. 

Then I came home and ran the kids to the junior high so they could go sledding:
Next, it was time to build a snowman in the front yard:
I wanted someplace cute to put all my Christmas cards.  I told Bryce that a friend of ours tapes hers to a door in her home.  He said, "Our door is metal.  Why don't you use magnets?"  Of course I couldn't just use any magnets so I went to Gracie Lou's and bought some super cute buttons and now our front door is the official showcase of all your fabulous Christmas cards.  Keep 'em coming!
We just finished making some caramel corn for some of our friends and neighbors:

and whenever I can get Bryce out of the basement we are going to Tucanos for dinner to celebrate Bryce and Jeff's birthdays.  No, you didn't miss Bryce's birthday.  He and Jeff signed up for birthdays at Tucanos in December and June so we could all go together and use the "buy one get one free" certificates.  Don't worry, I'm still honest.  Happy Holidays!

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Toni said...

We can't wait for you guys to get here!