Friday, December 10, 2010

Payton's 1/2 Birthday

Today I'm thinking about how fast my little Payton is growing up.  It is her "half" birthday today.  The reason I know that is because she gets to be the V.I.P. in her class today.  She got to bring a poster, treats for her class, her favorite toy, and her favorite book.  She has been so excited.  Today as we were walking to her class I said, "Are you so excited to be the VIP today?"  She said, "Mom, I think you are way more excited about it than I am."  Seriously??? Where did she learn to talk like that?  4 1/2 years old....where in the world did that time go?

I feel really blessed that Payton is at the preschool/daycare at my high school.  It is the most fabulous program and I love it when I get to see her.  The other day I was grading some papers in my classroom at the end of the day and I heard a whole bunch of racket coming through the hallways.  Her class was playing "marching band" and they were visiting all the teacher-moms at the school.  I can run down and talk to her, hug on her or just say hi anytime I want.  It has been awesome.

Last week one of my yearbook photographers was taking pictures of the child development class and she took this picture for me.  She said, "I just couldn't help it.  Payton looked so cute!"  I agree....what a cute kid.

Here are 4 1/2  things I love about Payton:
1.  She makes me smile every single day.
2.  She is SUCH a girl.  She loves dance, gymnastics, haircuts, painting toes and fingers, etc.
3.  She is super smart and a little bit of a smart aleck which I have to admit I love.
4.  She is so sweet.  She acts like a big sister to the kids in her preschool.
1/2.  Every time Bryce and I hug or kiss each other she says, "Wouldn't it be better if I joined?"

I am so glad every single day that my Heavenly Father decided to send me this happy little surprise!

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Jennifer said...

I can't believe how grown up she is. And those girly, girls are so much fun. I have one of them too:) Loved your Christmas card, so cute, as usual, and so jealous of your creativity. When McKell saw the card she said, "mom, she looks like you." I guess it is all those good Price genes:)