Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Baby Vince

For those of you following the story on my adorable new nephew, I got to see him again last night. Man I love that little boy! Here is the most recent update:

Today Vince was able to get his first amounts of milk. They started him off with 1/2 tsp. and because he handled that so well, at each of his following feedings he was able to receive more and more. He is getting his feedings through a tube that goes directly into his stomach. He seemed to really like having a full tummy and even got the hickups when he was done. Vince was also able to keep his blood pressure where it needed to be without any medication which is really good because his blood pressure has been all over the place. He had great chest xrays this morning and was able to come off of the jet ventalator and he was put on a conventional ventalator which is also good progress. Because he was able to switch ventalators, they have been giving him less sedation meds and he has been more allert. Michelle came up this afternoon and it was fun just to watch Vince peek his eyes open and wiggle around. When they checked his creatine levels this morning, they had risen just a tad, they are now at 4.13 but I talked with the nephrologist this afternoon and we are still hopefull that over time these levels will drop back off, it is just going to take time. The nephrologist also told me that where I am a blood match with Vince and his parent, as long as I have 2 kidneys I should be able to give him one of mine. We just have to get Vince health and to a point where he can have a transplant. Vince made great progress today. He is a tough little man and I just know he can do it. The swelling in his eyes is down quite a bite and I was able to see that Vince has the most beautiful thick eye lashes, he looks like his dad but I am proud to say he got his beautiful eye lashes from me!

For more on Vince's story, see his blog. Please keep praying for his little kidneys.


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a sweet baby boy! I finally got a chance to look at his blog yesterday. He's a miracle baby, to be sure.

Fiddlefish said...

I added you guys to my blog. Hope ya don't mind. :)