Thursday, May 14, 2009

His, Mine, Ours

Welcome. I've finally got this blog up and running. I don't really have any excuses of why it's taken me so long but here's the one I'm going to give. I teach kids how to use computers all day long and when it's over....I wish I never had to look at another computer again. I do believe it's a great way to stay connected though and I love hearing about what all of you are doing. Here is a brief introduction to the stars of this site:


Cameron J.

Cameron B.


Yeup, that's FIVE. Never in my craziest nightmare did I dream that I'd be raising five kids but a funny thing happened. In 2003, I was floating along raising one little boy. Then BAM! out of nowhere comes this super cool guy. Well, I ended up marrying that super cool guy (maybe I'll tell you all that story later) and I inherit three great kids. Then two years and one failed IUD later (I'll definitely tell you that story sometime, okay...maybe not the "whole" story) we ended up with Princess Payton. So you can do the math: 1+3+1=FIVE!!! That's a whole lot of Larsens!It's been a whole lot of crazy and a whole lot of fun and I'm excited for you to share in our adventures. However, this is life uncensored so read at your own risk.


Mama & Papa Griz said...

It's ABOUT time! I am so glad to see that you have finally got a blog! Now maybe i will get to see what's going on in your lives..Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you or Toni.

Krista said...

Hey Bryce and Michelle-

I loved your posting. Your family is beautiful! The kids have really grown! If your wondering WHO I am...I'm Bryce's cousin (Krista Taylor Bontrager).
I'd love to stay in touch!
Here's my blog address. Take care. Krista

Allison Holt said...

I'm glad that you are getting into the blogging world... I love it when I find new blogs to read... The kids are getting so big that is crazy!

Kristie Lemons said...

Michelle, I am so glad you have a blog. ou have a cute family. I was wondering if I could post comments on baby vince's blog. It will be fun keeping in touch with what is up in your family this way. love Kristie